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History Of India

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An Essay on Dr. Rajendra Prasad for Students, Kids and Children Dr Rajendra Prasad was the first President of the India after India’s independence.

He joined the Indian National Congress to participate in India’s freedom movement. Rajendra Prasad was an Indian politician who became the first President of India.

Essay on “India’s 1st President-Dr Rajendra Prasad” in Hindi

He was one of the architects of the Indian Republic, having served as the president of the Constituent Assembly and later as the first president of independent India.

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This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by. Rajendra Prasad was great person and he was the first president of the India.

He became the president of after independence of India. To participate into the India freedom movement, he joins the Indian National Congress.

An Essay on Dr. Rajendra Prasad for Students, Kids and Children

Dr. Rajendra Prasad was born to Mahadev Sahai and Kamleshwari Devi on December 3, in Siwan district (near Chhappra). His father was a scholar of both – Sanskrit and Persian literature while his mother was a religious woman.

She often told Rajendra stories of Ramayana. Prasad was put under the. Vande Mataram - the national song of India, was adopted on January 24, This essay takes a look at its history, lyrics and significance.

Essay about rajendra prasad
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