Essay exam grading rubrics

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The essay illustrates exemplary understanding of the course material by thoroughly and correctly: (1) addressing the relevant content; (2) identifying and explaining all of the key concepts/ideas; (3) using correct terminology; (4) explaining the reasoning behind key points/claims; and (5) (where necessary or useful) substantiating points with several accurate and original examples.

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Rubrics and Writing: Demystifying Essays in AP Psychology

Rubric for Grading Answers on an Essay Exam Claudia Stanny Director Center for University Teaching, Learning, and Assessment University of West Florida.

Creating, Learning processes, and Grading?. Process, effort, and participation are good ways for learning to occur. Copying or imitating may make it easy to produce a product, but it probably does reflect learning to think and feel like an actual artist.

When grading overload's got you down, give these time-saving assessment strategies a try in your classroom.

Essay exam grading rubrics
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