How to write a design brief gcse exams

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G:EXAMS/GCSE Handbook Handbook for Year 11 Students For all Year 11 students, this College year () when you will take your GCSEs is very important and the results that you gain. GCSE Bitesize Examinations General Certificate of Secondary Education Design and Technology Food Technology Write a five point design specification for the brief 5.

_____ (5 marks) 3b) Sketch and label two products that satisfy the brief and design specification 1. 2. (10 marks) 3c) Choose one of your products and. In written exams, READ THE QUESTION carefully. Answer the question in the style stated eg ‘Discuss’, ‘Comment’, ‘Evaluate’.

Answer a question with the number of marks in mind – write. GCSE REVISION BOOKLET GCSE Psychology Revision booklet If a question is only worth 1 mark you should be very brief – if it is worth 4 marks you obviously need to write more.

Define what is meant by independent groups, repeated measures and matched pairs design. Exams Term Dates Prospectus Ofsted Newsletter Menu Thank you for your interest in Court Fields School and welcome to our website.

Year 8 Food Technology

o 35% for the write-ups o 25% for the photos § 12½% of which relating to the artist Your coursework, in your work journals and elsewhere, should include research, supporting Page: 8 of 14 GCSE Art & Design Coursework Checklist for: Photography Warning!

Things to be careful of! 1. Holiday snaps must be used very, very sparingly.

How to write a design brief gcse exams
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